Loose Lips Sink Ships
Book and Lyrics by Jacinda Duffin and Laurie Flanigan
Music by James Kaplan.


directed by John Woodruff 

August 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 2017

8:00 p.m.



Set in Wisconsin's Sturgeon Bay shipyard during World War II,

the musical follows a group of young men who enlist in the armed forces following the attack on Pearl Harbor and their friends, sisters and fiancees. Two of the main characters, Roxie and Ann, give up their normal lives to help the war efforts by working in the shipyard. At first, the women are reluctant to leave their homes, but by the end when the men return home from the war, the women do not want to give up their jobs. Loose Lips Sinks Ships is a story about the sacrifices that women made during the war and how much those sacrifices changed them.



John Woodruff He has directed several including TIP'S Carousel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothersand John Brown’s Body, JTC's White Christmas, and Playhouse on the Square's Good People. He is the playwright of TIP's Civil War Journeys. John has appeared in many roles at The Muni, Theatre Centre, Hoogland Center for the Arts, and Theatre in the Park. He has also appeared in several movies and commercials. John also sings with the Old State Capitol Chorale. John invites you to the Midwest premiere of the play Good People which will be at Playhouse on The Square John and his wife Judy are happily retired and live in a log cabin on a small farm between New Berlin and Pleasant Plains.



Link to a few pieces of songs. Please prepare a song from show for auditions.

You may audition at any time between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. If needed, callbacks will begin after auditions. Auditions will consist of your prepared vocal piece (preferably one of those posted for the show) and a cold reading from the script. We will join the High School Musical dance auditions at 9:00 a.m. and you are urged to attend the dance audition. If you need to schedule a particular time for your vocal/reading audition please eMail John at and we will try our best to accommodate you.



Role                          Name

Jack Sullivan         Aaron Gosnell

Marty McCabe     Mikey Bennett

Eric Richardson     Hunter Woods

Eddie Hillstrom      Danny Lee

Joe Overbeck        Dennis Frye

Roxie Tachovsky   Sarah Reisch

Anne Hillstrom       Brooke Seacrist

Trudy Hillstrom      Emily Higginson

Ensemble               Keeley Logsdon

Ensemble               Caitlyn Simpson

Ensemble               Katie Steinhour

Ensemble              Athena Try

Ensemble               Maria Wittenauer


Jack Sullivan – Shipyard foreman. 20s to 30s Second Tenor

Marty McCabe – Shipyard welder/foreman. 20s to 40s Second Tenor

Eric Richardson – High school boy/messenger Late Teens Second Tenor

Eddie Hillstrom – Shipyard welder, leading man. 20s to 30s Second Tenor

Joe Overbeck – Shipyard worker, somewhat on the lazy side.  20s to 40s  Baritone

Roxie Tachovsky – Office girl, leading woman, loves to beat the boys at poker, 20s to 30s Mezzo Soprano

Anne Hillstrom – Eddie’s sister and Jack’s fiancé. 20s Soprano

Trudy Hillstrom – Eddie and Anne’s younger sister.  Late teens Soprano

Sailors – Note:  We may add several sailors to one or more of the dance numbers.

Summary – with selected musical numbers


At the beginning of the show, the men are working in the shipyard in typical jobs, such as welding (Tack It For The Fitter).  Roxie is the “Office Girl”, but likes to think she is one of the boys and enjoys beating them at poker.  The other women are involved in preparing for Anne’s wedding to Jack (Mama’s Dress). Early in the show, we learn that Pearl Harbor has been bombed and the nation is at war.  Immediately, several of the men try to enlist in the Navy (Damn These Flat Feet).  As the war progresses and the men are shipped off, the traditional jobs of shipbuilding are taken over by some of the women (Bring It On). Even though most efforts are directed toward winning the war, there is still time for some entertainment (No Work, No Woo), but the effects of rationing are felt by everybody (Sugar For Shoes). The war also changes the relationships among the cast members, strengthening some and weakening others (When You’re Around).  Once the war is over and the men return, the relationship issues are resolved and the shipyard begins to return to normal.  (You Can Count on Me)