State Fair

Music by Rodgers, Richard Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Book by Tom Briggs and Louis Mattioli
Based on the screenplay by Oscar Hammerstein II
and the Novel by Phil Stong


Directed by Bill Bauser, Jr.
June 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, July 1, 2017

8:00 p.m.



The Frakes - father Abel Frake, mother Melissa Frake, and young adult children Wayne Frake and Margy Frake - are an Iowa farm family getting ready to go to the multi-day Iowa State Fair. Songs include "It Might As Well Be Spring", "It's A Grand Night For Singing". "That's For Me".





  Bill Bauser, Jr. has directed, vocal directed or choreographed numerous productions for

  Muni, STC, TIP, PORTA High School, Jacksonville, and SHG and directed TIP's HELLO

  DOLLY! in 2016.  Bill teaches music and drama at Sacred Heart-Griffin (SHG), is music and

  worship director at the United Methodist Church in Petersburg, and serves as treasurer

  emeritus as well as PAVE administrator of STC. In his spare time, he runs the MUNI

  concessions and caters.  “Thanks to the cast, staff, my family, SHG and my BCE for all their

  support, and God, for whom all things are possible.  I believe in angels and am thankful for

  those that continue to watch over me." 





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Rehearsals for State Fair begin May 15.
Rehearsal period for State Fair will be six weeks.  The first three weeks we will rehearse at Sacred Heart Griffin High School (SHG) in Springfield, IL before moving out the Lincoln’s New Salem State Park stage.
Rehearsals will typically run Sunday-Thursday from 6:30-9:00 p.m.  State Fair staff asks that if you are auditioning for their show, please sing an audition cut song from the show.  Audition music will be available soon via email as well as audition sign-ups.  Stay tuned for more information. 


Character Descriptions:


Abel Frake - farmer whose demeanor sometimes hides his caring nature. He takes great pride in his accomplishments, whether his family, farm or Blue Boy, the hog he has nurtured so lovingly to be the Grand Champion at the Iowa State Fair. Able is determined not to lose the bet made with Dave Miller. Seeing to it that Blue Boy wins the competition at the State Fair means everything to him.  (Bass; low A to Ed and sings Bass 1 in farmer quartet)

Melissa Frake – wife of Abel Frake and a farm woman for whom family comes first. She neither asks for nor expects very much for herself, but her joy comes from the accomplishments of her family. She is constantly concerned with the well-being of Abel, Wayne, and Margy.  (Alto; low A to Db)

Margy Frake - a farm girl who has just graduated from high school. She's looking to the future, but doesn't know what she wants from life. When she agrees to answer her boyfriend Harry’s marriage proposal after the fair, the impending decision weighs heavily on her. While she knows that he will be a good husband and do everything he can to make her happy, meeting the worldly Pat Gilbert makes her realize that she won't find whatever it is she's been yearning for with Harry.  (Mezzo; low G# to D#)

Wayne Frake is the older brother of Margy and a young farmer who is very content with his life. He adores his girlfriend, Eleanor, but her decision to go away to college throws him off-balance. Receiving attention from the sophisticated Emily gives him a false sense of maturity and importance who needs Eleanor anyhow? Ultimately he realizes that he would never be happy with any life other than the one he already has with Eleanor.  (Tenor; low A to F)

Harry is an extremely earnest, hardworking farmer who has his whole future figured out, and it all revolves around Margy. Therefore, when she turns down his marriage proposal, he is suddenly faced with an uncertain future he never anticipated. Although Harry is a somewhat comic character, it is essential that we believe his proposal is a realistic option for Margy and must feel sorry for him upon the rejection.  (Doubles as a Fairgoer.)

Emily Arden has worked extremely hard to overcome the unhappy circumstances of her past. She dreams of a career on Broadway and is single-minded in her focus to achieve that dream. Meeting Wayne reminds her of the sort of life she is giving up in pursuit of her goal, and having been hurt herself, she wants to makes sure that Wayne doesn't get hurt in the same way.  (Mezzo Soprano; Bb to high F optional A)

Gus - the Frake's hired hand that takes care of the farm.

Dave Miller - the local storekeeper that makes a $5 bet with Abel.  Also, can double as a fairgoer, etc.

Eleanor- Wayne's girlfriend that has her sights set on getting out-of-town and exploring college life.  (Doubles as a Fairgoer.)

The Fair Announcer – Has a great speaking/sound voice. 

The Hoop-La Barker – Wayne has worked for a whole year to settle the score with this guy. 

Vivian – Partnered with Jeanne, they are carnival performers that have a history with Pat Gilbert. (middle C to Eb)

Jeanne – Partnered with Vivian, they are carnival performers that have a history with Pat Gilbert.  (middle C to Eb)

Pat Gilbert - a “slick” newspaper reporter that always seems to find the girl.  (low C to E)

Charlie - a newspaper photographer that’s young and full of energy.

Lem - a farmer and sings tenor 2 in the farmer quartet.

Clay - a farmer and sings bass 2 in the farmer quartet.

Hank Munson - a farmer and sings tenor 1 in the farmer quartet.

The Chief of Police – He’s the law and order at the fair and upset when everything is not “peaceful”.

Violet – the daughter of The Chief of Police who “thinks” she’s in love with Wayne. 

The Fairtones - Emily's backup act that are strong singers/dancers. 

Judge Heppenstahl – the famous pickle judge.

Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville – The lady that “always” wins the culinary division at the State Fair.

Barkers, Vendors, Judges and Fairgoers – The ensemble of the show.