July 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 2018

Distant Thunder
Robert Crowe and Ken Bradbury

Directed by Bill Bauser, Jr.

Distant Thunder shares the story of the people of New Salem and how the individuals shaped Abraham Lincoln's life.


Bill Bauser

Bill Bauser, Jr. has directed, vocal directed for TIP's STATE FAIR, HELLO DOLLY!, CHILDREN OF EDEN, and THE MUSIC MAN.  Through his career with theatre, Bill has directed, vocal directed and /or choreographed numerous productions for Muni, STC, TIP, PORTA High School, and SHG. Bill teaches music and drama at Rochester High School and is music director at the United Methodist Church in Petersburg, and serves as treasurer and PAVE administrator of STC.

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Listen to samples of the music:

Audio Cut 1:  Brother River Friend

Music Vocal Line Cut 1: Brother River Friend

Audio Cut 2: Land Of A Thousand

Music Vocal Line Cut 2: Land Of A Thousand

Audio Cut 3: Mule

Music Vocal Line Cut 3: Mule

Audio Cut 4: Silver Thread

Music Vocal Line Cut 4: Silver Thread

Audio Cut 5: Be Myself

Music Vocal Line Cut 5: Be Myself