CHILDREN OF EDEN              

July 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 2015

Book by John Caird
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Based on a concept by Charles Lisanby
Directed by Bill Bauser, Jr.

A joyous and inspirational musical about parents, children and faith... not to mention centuries of unresolved family business! An expansive and ambitious musical featuring Adam, Eve, Noah and the "Father" who created them, deal with the headstrong, cataclysmic actions of their respective children. The show ultimately delivers a bittersweet but inspiring message: that "the hardest part of love... is letting go."

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Meet the Director

Bill Bauser

Bill Bauser, Jr. has directed, vocal directed TIP’s 2014 sell out of THE MUSIC MAN.  Through his career with theatre, Bill has directed, vocal directed and /or choreographed numerous productions for Muni, STC, TIP, PORTA High School, and SHG. Bill teaches music and drama at SHG, is music director at the United Methodist Church in Petersburg, and serves as treasurer and PAVE administrator of STC.

Thank you to all who auditioned!







Production Staff

Director, Vocals, Choreography: Bill Bauser, Jr. 
Assistant Director/Stage Manager/Set Design/Lighting Design:  Edward H. Smith 
Accompanist/Assistant Vocal Director:  Adam Power 
Orchestra Director:  Melissa Blankestyn 
Costumes: Lisa Coakley, Nancy Canny, Sue Braasch 
Master Set Builder:  Jim Bauser 
Props: Melody Sheehan 
Production Coordinator:  Cindy Hamblin


cast of characters

FATHER – Jim Leach
ADAM/NOAH – Sean Michael Butler
EVE/MAMA – Mary Kate Smith
CAIN/JAPHETH – Wesley Bridges
SETH/SHEMDaJuan Stewart, Jr. 
APHRA -  Jill O’Brien
AYSHA – Megan Coakley
YONAH – Lindsey Leach
YOUNG CAIN – Michael Canny
YOUNG ABEL – Parker Nichols


STORYTELLERS – Justin Brandon, Dave Burkum, Calia Cole, Samantha Gaines, Kyle Harvey, Dylan Leach, Judy McEvoy, Raquel Reid, Terry Schoppenhorst, Jake Smith, Joyce TeRonde

SNAKE – Becky Bertram, Sarah Kline, Rayden Meyer, DeShanee Miner, Conor Phillips, Gil Opferman

ADULT ENSEMBLE –  Kelly Bassett, Campbell Coker, Devin Boehme, Megan Corlas, Cassie Gray, Mindy Kolaz, Hannah Millhouse, Ann Opferman, Donna Price, Dave Shaffer, Bob TeRonde

CHILDREN’S CHORUS - Elizabeth Bertram, Isabella Canny, Isabella Cavanagh, Sarah Cavanagh, Julia Howie, Carter Knowles, Wyatt Knowles, Madalyn Linderman, Holden Nichols, DJ Reid, Gatlin Servis, Stella Smith, Ellen Tuttle, Tori Vizral