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November 21, 2019 - The State of Illinois, due to the Procurement Act, has asked Theatre in the Park to refrain from advertising its 2020 season, until the state can create a 1-year sole source contract.  This will take to the end of January 2020. 

Theatre in the Park has had a three year contract with the State to perform from 2017-2019.  In June 2019, Theatre in the Park contacted the State to have another contract put in to place by the end of August 2019.  However, the State could not meet that expectation. Theatre in the Park heard from the State today.

This is not the fault of anyone.  It is how the State of Illinois works. 

We ask for your patience while the State prepares the appropriate documents so that we may continue our good work.

If you have questions, please contact me at info@theatreinthepark.net. 

Thank you!

Kari Catton, Executive Director





On Line Policy:   ALL SALES FINAL.  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.  $1.00 per ticket surcharge

Season tickets can be purchased for ten (10 tickets for $120) at any time.
Call 217-632-5440 and leave a message. 

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