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Plot Summary

Detective Hercule Poirot is determined to find out in Agatha Christie’s thrilling murder mystery. Ten passengers board the luxurious Orient Express that’s traveling from Istanbul to Western Europe. But after the train unexpectedly stops in the isolated, snow-swept mountains, only nine of them are still alive.

Cast List

Hercule Poirot: Jim Yale
Monsieur Bouc: Mike Schneider
Mary Debenham: Rachel Bridges
Hector McQueen: Danny Lee 
Michel: Aiden Garland-Sutter
Princess Dragomiroff: Felecia Coulter 
Greta Olsson: Deb Van De Voort 
Countess Andrenyi: Cynthia Higginson
Helen Hubbard: Cathy Doyle 
Colonel Arbuthnot: Graham Kinley
Samuel Ratchett: Bruce Davidson 
Head Waiter: Michael Savage