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All Show times 7:30pm.

This production is rated PG.
Some material may not be suitable for children. Parents urged to give “parental guidance”.
May contain some material parents might not like for their young children.

Plot Summary

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers from rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets, who are unable to be together because of their families’ longstanding feud. 

Romeo and Juliet is a powerful tale of love, tragedy, and the consequences of feuding and violence.

Character Descriptions

The Montagues

Romeo: Lord and Lady Montague’s son.
Montague: The head of the house of Montague, he is Romeo’s father and enemy of Capulet.
Lady Montague: Romeo’s mother.
Mercutio: Kinsman of Prince Escalus and friend of Romeo.
Benvolio: Nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo.
Balthasar: Romeo’s servant.
Abram: A servant of the Montagues.

The Capulets

Juliet: Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet.
Capulet: The head of the house of Capulet, he is Juliet’s father and enemy of Montague.
Lady Capulet: Juliet’s mother.
Nurse: To Juiliet.
Peter: Servant to the nurse and Juliet.
Tybalt: Nephew of Lady Capulet and cousin of Juliet.
Sampson: Servant of the Capulets.
Gregory: Servant of the Capulets.


Friar Lawrence: A Franciscan friar and close friend of Romeo.
Paris: A relative of Prince Escalus.
Prince Escalus: The prince of Verona, he is related to Mercutio and Paris.
Friar John: Another Franciscan friar.